About Us

S.D.H.M.Girls Sr. Sec. School welcomes you whole heartedly at its new website. Myself has been feeling delighted from the core of my heart to share my views in the form of my mono dream to lead our educational institution in Pahar Ganj, Nabi Karim area on the path of continuous progress & with the strength of 2100 students. At S.D.H.M. we heed our focus intensively on empowering “ STREE SHAKTI ” by providing education in a confident & learning way so as to enable our students to apply it in various situations alongwith making them self-sufficient. Our main feature of continuous interaction with parents & students also acts helpful in achieving this motto.

Once again, welcome and thank you for taking time to visit our website.

Our institution is managed & conducted by SANATAN DHARAM HARI MANDIR SABHA and had been established in 1952. It has been equipped with 45 teaching rooms, Maths Lab. Science Lab. Social-Sc. Lab. Computer Lab. Home-Sc. Lab. Language Lab. Primary Activity Lab. Music Room, Sports Room, a large playground & a big Hall with adequate space to organize school functions. Undoubtedly, best facilities & infrastructure is provided to our students for their all – round personality development. S.D.H.M.G.SR.SEC.SCHOOL is committed to carry forward our girl students to new heights of success.

Our weekly activities during morning asembly
Tuesday: Teacher’s Talk
Wednesday: Subject-wise student’s talk
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: P.T.
Saturday: Patriotic Song
Monday: Unit-test

Latest News
PSA (Problem Solving Assessment) exam for class IX & XI will be held on 18th January 2014.
OBTA (Open Book Text based Assessment) for class IX & XI will be held in March 2014.


                                                       AHINSA SADAN

Mrs. Sandhya Malhotra (Incharge) P.G.T.
Mrs. Madhu Bala T.G.T.
Mrs. Madhuri Mungali T.G.T.
Mrs. Sonu Miglani T.G.T.
Mrs. Madhu Rani T.G.T.
Mrs. Sunita Kishore T.G.T.
Ms. Neha Chaudhary T.G.T.

                                                       SADBHAWNA SADAN
Mrs. Madhu Bharti (Incharge) P.G.T.
Mrs. Meenu Ahuja T.G.T.
Mrs. Seema Rani T.G.T.
Mrs. Neetu Tomar T.G.T.
Mrs. Neena Kohli T.G.T.
Ms. Archna Dabas T.G.T.

                                                       EKTA SADAN
Mrs. Sunita (Incharge) P.G.T.
Mrs. Sangeeta Maan T.G.T.
Mrs. Shalini Arora T.G.T.
Mrs. Nisankoch Singh T.G.T.
Mrs. Sujata Dua T.G.T.
Mrs. Priyanka T.G.T.
Mrs. Monica Jain Librarian

                                                       SEHYOG SADAN
Mrs. Nirupma Gupta (Incharge) P.G.T.
Mrs. Suman Singh P.G.T.
Mrs. Radha Sharma Arts & Crafts Tr.
Mrs. Vikky Sharma T.G.T.
Mrs. Sangeeta Verma T.G.T.
Mrs. Nishi T.G.T.
Mrs. Manju Arya T.G.T.

                                                       NISHTHA SADAN
Mrs. Anuk Saxena (Incharge) P.G.T.
Mrs. Uma Madan T.G.T.
Mrs. Monica Kakkar T.G.T.
Mrs. Yukta Chhabra T.G.T.
Mrs. Sunita Rani T.G.T.
Mrs. Kavita T.G.T.

                                                       VIVEK SADAN
Mrs. Indu Nayyar (Incharge) P.G.T.
Mrs. Ramesh Arora T.G.T.
Mrs. Poonam Dang T.G.T.
Mrs. Meenu Gupta T.G.T.
Mrs. Shashi T.G.T.
Mrs. Sunanda Sharma T.G.T.